Regarding lamp shades!  Though we picture our lamps with shades,  we do not sell them with the body.  This allows our customers to dress up or decorate their lamps as it suits their home furnishings.

Imperfections are our bag!  I work in a variety of woods and in many cases imperfections will appear.  In the immortal words of Bob Ross,  there are no bad mistakes,  only happy ones!

I joke around,  but voids will appear in the wood.  Many times I will fill the voids but other times I leave them as part of the look and finish of the product.  In either case,  much like us,  we hope you enjoy the experience and warmth of the work.

Finishes!  Fallingwood uses a variety of finishes on its art works.  These can range from artist paint and wax to polyurethane and the tried and true tung oil.

Tung oil:  It's my go to finish.  It's easy to mend with a touch up and buff out.  I am able to control the surface shine and with time it will darken to an ochre hue.

Artist's Wax:  Finishes to a flat sheen and is less durable than tung oil but provides a beauty of its own.  Many equate it with an antique look.  As above,  I will suspend color pigment into the wax which adds a painterly flat ceramic quality.  Wax and paint surfaces are less able to be mended.

Polyurethane:  I tend to use this finish the least,  but again it has its own unique look,  it's very durable and can be mended by the typical owner. Poly will darken with time but not as aggressively as the tung oil.

Care:  We strongly encourage our customers to keep our products out of direct sunlight as this will age the surfaces prematurely.  Our products are not for outdoor use.  Dust and clean with a light damp cloth.

You will be hard pressed to find any two works that look exactly the same!  Trained as a sculptor and painter,  I suffer from the affliction that many visual artists struggle with.....repetitive design production.  Paint two landscapes that look exactly the same?

That said, I do have a visual vocabulary and you will find works similar in gesture,  but as an inherent explorer of volumes,  I'm always on the lookout for new ways to carve familiar shapes!!